The female vocal ensemble, Tiburtina, was established in Prague in 2008. The ensemble goes on to interpret western plainchant, medieval polyphonic music and contemporary music.

The artistic director of the ensemble is Barbora Kabátková (b. Sojková).

The main interest of the ensemble’s interpretation is correct language declamation in connection with the musical aspects and vocal art, based on knowledge of contemporary practise and theory.

The ensemble performs with various casts: the permanent members are: Ivana Bilej Brouková (soprano), Hana Blažíková (soprano, medieval harps), Marta Fadljevičová (mezzosoprano), Anna Chadimová Havlíková (mezzosoprano), Renata Zafková (soprano), Barbora Kabátková (soprano, artistic director, dramaturgy, medieaval harps, psaltery), Pavla Štepničková (alto), Daniela Čermáková (alto) and Tereza Havlíková (soprano).

The ensemble members are dedicated not only to the interpretation of medieval music. They also perform on the Czech and world stages with ensembles such Collegium 1704, Collegium Marianum, Musica Florea, Ensemble Inégal, Hofmusici, Doulce Memoire, Collegium Vocale Gent, Bach Collegium Japan etc..

During its short existence the Tiburtina Ensemble performed at the prominent czech festivals (Summmer festivities of Early Music Prague 2009, Lípa Musica 2009, St Wenceslas Festival Ostrava 2009 and 2011, International Music Festival Concentus Moraviae 2010 and 2012, Uckermärkische Musikwochen Germany 2010 and 2011, Gregorian Meditations Bratislava 2010, Prague Easter Festival 2011, Easter Festival Brno 2012, Muziekcenter DeBijloke Gent 2012 etc.) In April 2012 came the first cd of Tiburtina Ensemble "Flos inter Spinas" recorded for the czech main music publisher Supraphon. In 2013 was recorded the second cd of the ensemble "Apokalypsis" (Animal Music) - made in cooperation with the jazz trio of David Dorůžka.