…a sounding temple

The project created in collaboration with the Berg Orchestra for St. Salvator Church in Prague combines several levels – musical, artistic and spiritual. Arvo Pärt’s Stabat Mater from 1985, Slavomir Hořínka’s Litany of Loreto and Magnificat from 2012 are connected with the liturgical space and enhanced by Magdalena Bartáková’s delicate shadowplay. Hořínka’s compositions are based on Gregorian chant. The interior of the church of St. Salvator played a unique inspiration in the composition of Hořínka’s pieces. As the composer himself says: “I was inspired by the rich spatial possibilities of the church – among other things, I am using the galleries of the side aisles and the dome, and the focal points of sound will travel throughout the space.” Thus, the movement of the musicians within the 12 areas defined by the author enriches the appearance of the unique musical and artistic structure. The aim was to organically link the result of the creative effort with Pärt’s Stabat Mater, which will be heard at the end, in a kind of imaginary arc.

Tiburtina Ensemble & Orchestr Berg / Peter Vrábel & Magdalena Bartáková